5 Relatable Experiences All Softball Players Share Pt.2

Hey everybody and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to do a part two of my last post. There are too many experiences, so I decided to do a part two.

Do You Want To Hang out Today?: Every single time when somebody asks this, I always reply “no”. It’s not because I don’t want to, which I do, but is because I simply can’t. Most club players have a softball tournament almost every weekend in the summer. However in the spring and fall, we also have some tournaments, so we’re available more. Lastly, in the winter, we either have private hitting lessons or team practices more than once a week.
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In this video, Michael Scott, the guy with the orange shirt is the skill of throwing. The lady, Jan, is you.

Getting an Easy Grounder and Overthrowing: This definitely applies to me. If I’m in center field or right field, occasionally I will overthrow to any base. Rarely, I’ll be playing first and I’ll be the one attempting to catch them. It’s very, very, very annoyi…

5 Relatable Experiences All Softball Players Share

Welcome back to my blog! Do you ever feel utterly humiliated when you strike out looking? Or overthrow on the weakest grounder? Of course, we all do! Every softball player has experienced these moments, whether they're amusing, frustrating, or regretful.

When the Ump Calls a Definite Ball a "Strike": I despise this very much. Like, do you understand that a strike isn't considered above your hands or one inch above the ground? Have you hurt me? You have succeeded. Especially, if you have two strikes on you, it's unbearable. On the other hand, this doesn't happen very much, so don't worry about it.
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When Someone Asks You How "Baseball" Was Going: If I had a dollar every time someone asks me this, I would be rich. This specifically bothers me because softball is different than baseball, in multiple ways. I know they're similar, but it's not that difficult.


Three Essential Things You Should Know Before Playing Club

Hi everyone!! Sorry that I didn’t post last week. Anyway, I will be sharing with you five, necessary, need-to-know, things before joining a club team. I have realized these need-to-know things after playing for a couple years in a club organization. In my opinion, I strongly believe these will help you make the right choice.

You Might Have to Quit an Activity: This specific thing happened to me. I danced for nine years and was ready to make the switch to the competition team, but I would have to quit softball and basketball. However, I loved softball and basketball too much, so I stuck with them. If you're not ready to give up something, I recommend you wait. If you like the certain activity and softball equally, I suggest you should write down a list of pros and cons.

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You're Not Always Going to be the Best: You're not always going to be the all-star in town ball. Now that you play in club, you're playing at a higher level with better girls. Th…

The 3 Best Qualities About My New Glove

POP! The ball pops off the bat and is approaching towards me. I drop-step with my right leg and sprint back, with my eye still on the ball and my glove down. Finally, I arrive at my spot a little further back of the ball. I run in to gain momentum and continue to as my glove firmly grasps the ball. As fast as a cheetah, I transfer the ball to my hand and chuck it to second base in order to get the tag for an out. My glove was definitely a momentous help in my case. Only a couple weeks old, I was still able to make astonishing plays in the outfield.

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Today, we're going to be reviewing my new glove, the Louisville Slugger Xeno 2018 Lefty Outfield Glove from Louisville Slugger, obviously. I purchased it at Monkey Sports in Norwood, MA. It's definitely an amazing to shop all softball. I will be reviewing it based on break-in time,comfortability, and compatibility.

Break-In Time: This glove took almost…

Tournament Weekend Blog!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Leading up to this weekend, I was super excited! The reason why I was excited was because I had my first fall tournament with my club team, Central Mass Thunder. We have ten people on our team and only two of them are second-year u14s. That means that we’re a younger team. However; plot twist! We got third! We did really good for a young team and will get even better.

First Day
First Game: The first day was on Saturday, October 13th. Our first game was at ten am and was freezing and rainy. Gross. We played the future champions of the tournament-Rhode Island Rampage. Unfortunately, we lost to them 5-13. They always have a good team and were full of older girls. Only one pop fly/linedrive came to me at the tournament and it was this game. So, the pop fly came to the middle of right and center field. I called out, “got it!” I sprinted over to the spot and put my glove a tad too low. The ball tipped over my glove and quickly turned around and snatch…

Top 5 Qualities Coaches Look For

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Last summer, it was the first time for me trying out for a club team. I had no idea what to expect I was super nervous! I was afraid that I'd make a horrific throw or miss a ball. Believe it or not, I eased my way through it with these five, advantageous tips.

Confidence: Coaches absolutely love to see confidence! Expressing confidence shows them that you're not afraid to take risks. For example, going for the extra base shows that you're confident. Additionally, you'll do better and manifest higher levels of skills! However, don't be too confident. This will result in you being cocky, and nobody likes a cocky player. Being 'cocky' shows that you think you're too good to be on the team.

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Hustle On and Off the Field: This is one of the most important tips. It's so important because it shows the coach that you want to play and care a…

Best Drills to Warm-Up Pitching

Hey everyone! Do you ever feel unprepared for a game? Well, these pitching drills are fast, easy, and beneficial. Do these before a game for the best performance. There are four main drills that I regularly use, after warming up throwing. These have impacted me to be a better softball pitcher.

Wrist Flicks: Firstly, I do wrist flicks. This is a very common drill and that all pitchers should do. It’s a simple and beneficial way to warm up. One of the benefits is that it helps retain muscle memory. To do this, place the ball in your hand and grip a fastball. To learn more pitching grips, check out my post down below! Take the ball, put it on your hip, your release point. Next, flick the ball using only your wrist into the catchers glove. You should only be about six feet away from the catcher.
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Three-Quarters: My second drill is called three-quarters. This is definitely more complicated than the first drill. You should start with even, shoulder-width feet towards your c…